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CalArts alumni Magazine

August 2018

Podcast interview, "Life Changes Show"

August 2018

Asterisco Informazioni (Video, In Italian)

August 2017

La Tribuna (in Italian)

August 2017

Il Gazzettino (In Italian)

August 2017

Il Gazzettino 2 (In Italian)

August 2017

CalArts Alumni Newsletter

January 2015

Avolsi Nel Mondo (In Italian)

December 2014

RES Travel Magazine (in Swedish)

December 2014

Events, Hometown Pasadena

May 2014

Music Notes, Pasadena Weekly

October 2011

Web Hordes, Guitar Player

March 2010

"Night" CD Review, Minor 7th

November 2009

Podcast Review, Minor 7th

November, 2009

Trax, Pasadena Weekly

August 2009


Local jazz circuit regular LoPiccolo acquits himself handsomely on this smoothly produced follow-up to 2006’s “Live at the Ritz,” which previewed a handful of these 11 instrumental compositions. “Carnival” floats with tropical zest, akin to some of the guitarist’s past work, while his assured flights up and down the frets take on more funk on tunes such as “Mensaje Uno,” “D’funk’d” and “Jab,” as he graciously creates space for bassist Larry Steen, drummer/percussionist Aaron Serfaty and versatile woodwind player Andy Suzuki to shine.

Tolucan Times

August 2007

On the cover of "The Tolucan Times" with guitarist / producer Greg Poree.

Nite Life, Pasadena Weekly,

May 2007

The Scene, L.A. Jazz Scene

October 2006

(the same article also ran in Just Jazz Guitar, November 2006). Both by Harvey Barkan. 

No Boundaries, Fingerstyle Guitar

August 2006

Features, Canyon Call

March 2006

March 28, 2006

Faculty Frolic The Night Away


Approximately 100 music fans were present in the PAC as they enjoyed an "Eclectic Evening of Jazz, World Music and Classical Music in a Faculty Recital." This musical event featured music by Joe LoPiccolo, Johannes Brahms and Franz Liszt. Music was performed by Joe LoPiccolo (Guitar), Polli Chambers-Salazar (Piano), Sharon Harmon (Violin) and Larry Steen (Bass).

The first part of the evening was taken by LoPiccolo and Steen, who performed eight songs written by LoPiccolo. The second part of the recital was performed by COC faculty members Chambers-Salazar and Harmon.

LoPiccolo and Steen brought a lot of humor to their presentation recounting anecdotes of how each song was created. The music was very relaxing, each song a trip through a separate country. Songs such as "Night" brought a dark vibe with a Brazilian influence.

The evening concluded with the duo of Chambers-Salazar and Harmon. They took the audience on a musical visit into the 19th century. They included pieces of music written by Brahms titled, "Intermezzo Op. 118, No. 2 and Liszt's "Grand Duo Concertant."

It was a beautiful evening with many musical styles and flavors. For more information on PAC performances, pick up the '05 -'06. season catalog.

- Claudia Reyes

Readers Challenge, Guitar Player

February 2006

Featured Artist, MountainViews Newspaper

October 2004

"Passages" CD Review, Minor 7th

August 23, 2004

"Passages" CD Review, All About Jazz

June 2004

Arts and Entertainment, The Mountaineer

February 2002

Sessions-Book Browsing, Guitar Player

January 2000

Making Tracks, Pasadena Weekly

September 1998

Weekly Picks, Pasadena Weekly

October 1996

Pick LoPiccolo

It's hump day-only two more to go 'til a weekend's freedom. You need something sweet but spicy to help keep those mental horizons open-a comfy corner and conversation, maybe, or a sip of liquid fire with a splash of cool jazz. Try the Maryland Bar at the Doubletree Hotel (191 N. Los Robles Ave., Pasadena) between 7 and 11 p.m. every Wednesday. LoPiccolo's repertoire encompasses more than a few genres-jazz, classical, Latin and especially Brazilian. Hard to believe his earliest influences were Led Zeppelin and KISS. "I was about 10," the CalArts grad laughs now. "I just loved the sound of the guitar. I'd get goosebumps listening to Jimi Hendrix." How's he keep it fresh playing the same gig every week? "It's a concern," Lopiccolo admits. "One of the beautiful things about being an improvising artist is, I can play the same tune two consecutive nights but change everything about it except the melody" When he's not playing he's composing, operating the Sierra Madre Music Studio, or teaching students at Plaza de la Raza in East L.A. Busy guy. -Bliss

Into the Night, Pasadena Weekly

May 1995

Arts and Entertainment, The Mountaineer

May 2005

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Life Changes Show - Interview
Minor 7th Podcast - "Night" Review
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